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Test Not a Boxer Ad

test ad not a poodle ...

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Pongo the Dalmatian

Much like his owner, Roger, Pongo is laid-back, playful, and a tad goofy....

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Latest Dogs For Stud

Spotty the Dalmatian x Pug

This is a test stud dog listing. ...

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Most Popular Dog Breeds

24% of households in Britain own a dog, that’s 9 million best friends out there! 70% of

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Inherently unhealthy?

Pedigree dogs are as healthy as mongrel crossbreeds, new research suggests.The study found

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Did You Know?

A puppy is born blind, deaf and toothless.Dogs can identify smells up to 10,000 times

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Decoding your Dog

In humans, we send body language signals without even thinking about them, and we read them

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